Fisker Automotive is searching for more investors

  Fisker Automotive the maker of the Karma is searching for investors and business partners to help bring to market a second electric vehicle.

The automaker gained notice late last year for introducing its beautiful Karma hybrid, which uses an electric battery to go about 53 kms before a gas engine kicks in and extends the range.

Electric cars have a lot to offer in theory, however, car buyers have not been quick to purchase them. The other issue is the Fisker Karma is priced at over $120,000, which has a limited market to start with.

Fisker needs about $500 million to launch a second vehicle, its Atlantic model, a $55,000, four-door rechargeable sports sedan.

The design of the Atlantic and the engineering of its drive train is 90% done, Ormisher said. “The next big part would be moving in production equipment and that would be a major cost – the hard tooling and supplying the parts. We need to get that all in place.”

It’s a known fact that automakers require huge amounts of money to design, launch and produce a new car. In the case of Fisker that issue is compounded as they also have supplier problems on top of selling electric vehicles which have not been widely accepted in the market.

How this will all play out is anyones guess, no doubt, Fisker has a lot of work ahead for itself to gain a strong foot hold in the limited electric car market.

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