Chevy Volt production to stop for five weeks

  GM will halt production of the Chevy Volt electric vehicle for five weeks, starting March 19th and ending April 23rd.

The reason for this is according to GM is to keep proper inventory levels of the Volt which has lagged in sales.

Sales of the extended range electric car have not been high enough to keep up with ramped up production which started last month.

The two month federal investigation into the fire risk of the Chevy Volt has had a negative effect on sales. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has confirmed in January that the Volt has no more of a fire risk than any other car. However, the damage to the Volts reputation was done and may take a few months for sales to rebound.

It seems even with the current higher gas prices, the steep premium the Chevy Volt demands for car buyers, doesn’t justify the added cost over many small cars, that are also great on gas.

However, if gas prices continue increasing, there could be a point where increased demand for electric vehicles would require increased production of Chevy Volts once again.

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