Hyundai’s Elantra could become Canada’s best-selling car

  While the Honda Civic is still Canada’s best selling passenger car. Hyundai’s fast-charging Elantra is on pace to overtake them by the end of 2011.

Canadian Sales for the Honda Civic in the first nine months were 37,774 units while the Hyundai Elantra had 36,652 car sales in the same period.

The difference rests on momentum. Civic sales are down 20 percent in September and down 12% for the year to date.  Elantra sales on the other hand are up over 35% over last year.

This could have been partly caused by the tsunami, however no one can deny the Koreans increased competitiveness over the last few years.

No doubt things will get interesting in the next couple months as the numbers become clearer.


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