Ferrari Enzo Skids into Atlantic Ocean at Rally Event

  Imagine a $1 million Ferrari Enzo skidding into the Atlantic Ocean? This is something that might happen in a movie, but in real life no chance right? Wrong…It happened during a rally event in Newfoundland Canada this past weekend.

Zahir Rana stands in the Atlantic Ocean with his Ferrari Enzo after it skids off the road and takes a bath.

Looking at the video it is clear the driver Zahir Rana loses control over some loose gravel while applying the power. The car fish tails and cannot be reined in. The result is the car slides right off the road into the Atlantic Ocean.

Targa Newfoundland is the only event of its kind in North America. The course is 2200 kilometres of stages. With 20 percent of the course closed to the general public. This allows for competitors to test the performance of their sports cars with no limits accept those held within.

Ferrari Enzo hoisted out of Atlantic Ocean

As an aside it was reported that the car is not a write-off, it will be repaired once it dries off.

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