‘Cannonball Run’ Racing Bankers Busted in Vermont

  15 rich British Bankers get busted racing Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches through Vermont in a modern-day Cannonball Run from New York to Montreal.

A British banker was arrested and had his car confiscated while competing in a Cannon Ball Run from New York to Montreal.

It all started when DeVere Offshore decided to treat its top 15 salesmen to an all expense trip to the Montreal Grand Prix. Sounds like a great idea so far. However to make the trip more interesting the decision was made to rent 15 of the hottest exotic cars on the market and race them from New York to Montreal in time to see the Formula One race on Sunday.

They rented only the best luxury cars including Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, and Porsches. Along the way they were to stay at all the best hotels and dine at only the most expensive restaurants.

If it wasn’t enough to dislike British Petroleum for the gulf oil spill, or greedy bankers for the trillion dollar banking bailout, this story kind of combines the two at the worst possible time.

The Cannonball Run seemed like a good idea however the bankers forget about a little invention called a cell phone. Once they reached Vermont a motorist reported to police seeing a pack of sports cars zooming past her at more than 100 miles per hour like she was standing still.

When police finally caught up to them, two drivers were pulled over. One driver received a stern warning, as the cop didn’t catch him in the act. While British Banker Spencer Lodge was arrested on the spot and had his car confiscated. He was clocked speeding on the highway during rush hour at 105 mph (175 kms per hour).

Lodge pleaded guilty, paid an $881 fine, and promptly left for Montreal in time to still catch the F1 race on Sunday. However, this time he rode in the back of a far less glamorous minivan for the rest of the trip. This was in stark contrast to the shiny new Lamborghini he was caught speeding in.

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